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WFCIII Sponsors


 M&M/MarsSupplying me with yummy candy!

Montrail:  I'll be beginning the PCT in a pair of Leona Divide's, and switching to a pair of Hurricane Ridge GTX for the Sierras 

Outdoor Research:  I'll be sleeping in OR's Advanced Bivy Sack, and protecting the head thru the Mojave with my Super Safari Hat, and in the Cascades with my Sahale Sombrero


K&R Adventure Gear:  My Grivel Ice Axe will act as my "ice parachute" in the Sierras


Leki:  I'll be living the motto "Four Legs Good, Two Legs Bad" with my Ultralite TI Cortec Trekking Poles


Patagonia: Keeping me warm with Capilene layers



Cascade Designs:  I'll be pumping my water with a Sweetwater filter and sleeping on my Thermarest



WFCIII Corporate Donors



Excellence Resources, Inc.

Performance Excellence by Experienced Global Practitioners Why just Salsa ... if You can Salsa with Style?



Pioneer Printwear:  Look for my 'Stehekin or Bust' patch on my pack