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The Month of May


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May 2nd


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May 2nd


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May 4th


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May 4th


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May 5th


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May 6th


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May 6th


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May 9th


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May 9th


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May 10th


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May 13th


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May 14th


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May 16th


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May 18th


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May 18th



Chapter 1

May 5, 2002: Greetings All! I'm Rose "the sister". I will be filling you in on Owen's movements along his 2700 mile trek. He is off to a great start after flying from Baltimore to San Diego on Tuesday. Wednesday was the official first day of the hike. He started at 6am and by 2pm had hiked the allotted 20 miles for the day. Needless to say, he kept going after a phone call to us from a Ranger station. Owen called today (Sun) from a town where he stopped to eat some ice cream with "Mr. Green".
Owen will be in Warner Springs tomorrow where he will spend the night and give us a call. He will also be sending me letters along the way, that I will type in for him.  At any rate, make sure to check back for more news. Thanks for reading!!

Chapter 2

May 7th, Mile 110, Warner Springs, CA: "The first section of California is complete, and I have arrived at Warner Springs for my first shower and a swim in the pool! May the 2nd saw me standing at the Mexican border at 6am, as a cold 37 degree F wind greeted my first steps toward Canada. How drastic a change of environments I would travel thru in my first 100 miles, from 90 degree F plus temperatures on the desert floors, to 30 degree temperatures at night high in the desert mountains. I've also walked a 23 and a 25 mile section that had no water! I've spent the last few nights with Mr. Green, another solo hiker on the way to Canada. Together we will head out of town this afternoon."

Chapter 3

May 11th, Mile 180 Owen writes: "This last section from Warner Springs to Idyllwild traveled thru the Anza-Borrego Desert and up into the San Jacinto mountains. A long 29 mile stretch of waterless trail was luckily broken up by an escape to Paradise Corner Cafe. On the night of the 9th, Mr. Green, Megan & I spent the night hidden behind some rocks atop Pyramid Peak as a frigid 40 F wind whistled above us, and Palm Springs lights twinkled far below in the valley. It was that same day we encountered a 5' rattlesnake in the trail!" Well, sounds like they are getting a taste of all the elements. Check back soon for more news.

Chapter 4

May 17th, Mile 276, Big Bear City, Owen writes: "The path from Idyllwild to Big Bear traveled from high mountain passes to desert floors. As I descended the Fuller Ridge on Monday(13th), a 5' rattlesnake rapidly alerted me that I was in its territory with a loud rattle of its tail. The valley I was descending to reached 114 degrees F that afternoon, forcing Mr. Green and I to seek refuge behind a large rock for a few hours. We spent the night that eve on the porch of an abandoned house we stumbled upon. The next day saw us searching for water, and the trail, as we moved toward Mission Creek.  The lawn of the Big Bear City Fire Department was a welcome refuge from the desert that many PCT hikers headed for.  Now to press on with another load of food for the next 100 miles."

Chapter 5

May 21st, Wrightwood, Mile 371 Owen writes: "The last stretch from Big Bear to Wrightwood was truly a walk in extreme opposite conditions. I spent the first day strolling above Big Bear Lake with 'HeMann' and 'SheMann', and spent the night under large fir trees. I was up at 4:30am in below freezing temperatures, yet found myself walking 20 miles later in near 100 degree heat on the arid ridges above Deep Creek.  A 3 hour break at a natural hot spring gave Lady Leaper and I enough steam to finish a 30 mile day.  The following day terminated at a McDonalds at I-15. Lastly, our yesterday (May 20th) entailed an open ridge at 8500', where ice, snow and rain joined us as we skirted along in a 30mph wind. Inches of ice that has collected upon the trees was blowing off and pelting all who braved the weather. A retreat here to a room in a motel was a welcome reward after a cold day. In fact, the weather pushed about 20 hikers out of the mountains, and we all homed in on the same pizza spot for dinner!" For those of you who don't know, hikers have "trail names", that is what all these names of people are. Owen's trail name is 'Happy Jo'. I spoke to him today from Agua Dulce where he was getting to do laundry and watch a basketball game...I'm sure he will fill us in on all the details!!

Chapter 6

May 25th, Mile 455, Owen writes: "I am currently sitting at the Saufleys here in Agua Dulce, enjoying a lazy morning before I head off again. The trail here began on the mountains surrounding Wrightwood, which are still covered in ice and snow from the storm that struck. My friend Sunny drove to Wrightwood and took Lady Leaper and I shopping for new sneakers, for the pair I started in is already ruined. I also bought a new headlamp, which I used that evening as I hiked until 8:45PM. The stroll here was wonderful, through the Angeles National Forest, a forested trail overlooking the Los Angeles basin and deserts below. Now the trail heads north and into the Mojave desert. Time to walk in the heat once again. Till Mojave..."

Chapter 7

May 30th, Mile 563, Mojave, CA, Owen writes: "The walk from Agua Dulce was a quick yet punishing one. I left the Saufley's at noon, and strolled off for an afternoon walk. 22 miles later I found myself at Green Valley catching a ride into the Anderson's, a wonderful local family that hosts PCT hikers. The next morn I was up early and dropped off at the trail by 6AM. A long day found me sipping a Sprite from a cooler stashed for hikers at a road crossing, where I met up with "T", and we walked an extra mile together. The next morning we woke up at 3AM, to hike as many miles as we could before the sun beat us into submission. We had hiked 22 miles by 1PM, most of which were along the miles of flat road that parallels the buried LA aqueduct. That evening, after a nap under a cottonwood tree, T and I continued our trek. Our section was completed the following day with a walk to Tehachipi Pass. Soon we were whisked here to Mojave Motel, to rest our hot and swollen feet."

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May 19th


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May 20th


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May 20th


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May 21st


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May 23rd


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May 23rd


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May 24th


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May 24th


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May 25th


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May 26th


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May 27th


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May 27th


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May 27th


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May 28th


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May 30th


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May 30th