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The Month of April

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Owen's "last supper" in Baltimore at his favorite restaurant, Johnny Sushi


Chapter 1

April 3rd, 2002: Here I sit, at work, 9:12 PM. I have recently dropped my Sweet "P" the cat off to my parents house, thereby signaling that the PCT is coming ever closer. Also, I dropped the last rent check in the mail today, giving me only 26 more days to move out of my place. However, as my burdens here at work steadily increase the trail feels the thousands of miles away that it is. Soon enough, only the beauty of the stars, calm of the trail, and quest for water will satiate my being. Till then...

Chapter 2

April 27th, 2002: The time is coming ever closer. My apartment is all packed up (well... almost), and I am anxious to take my first few steps on the PCT this Thursday morning. This week I had the opportunity to visit with the volunteers who help organize Camp Sunrise. Thus far Walk for Cancer III has raised over $3000 for the camp, which pays the way for over 4 children to enjoy this week of camp!


Onward to May






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Camp Sunrise Crew