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The John Muir Trail



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Day 1

Half Dome

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Day 2

Long Meadow

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Day 3

Tuolumne Meadow

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Day 4

Donohue Pass

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Day 5

Red's Meadow

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Day 6

Seldon Pass

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Day 7


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Day 8

Silver Pass

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               The John Muir Trail stretches for over 220 miles along the spine of the Sierra Nevada in California .  Spanning from Yosemite National Park to the summit of Mt. Whitney, the JMT challenges you with its length, remoteness, and vast changes in altitude.  It was along this path in the wilderness that I had the privilege of raising over $800 for Camp Sunrise, a summer camp for pediatric cancer patients.

                I left Yosemite National Park on the 18th of July, and spent 13 days traversing the mountains on the way to Mt. Whitney, the highest point in the continental U.SThe JMT offered a full spectrum of experiences, ranging from fording alpine rivers to summitting a pass amidst a snow/lightening storm. 

               The JMT gave me a glimpse of the wonders of the Sierra Nevada, and prompted my desire to hike the Pacific Crest Trail, which coincides with the JMT for much of its length.  The JMT silently moved amid giants that surrounded you at all times, reminding you how small you truly were.  Furthermore, the trail offered such an unique and personal view of the popular national parks of Yosemite, Sequoia and Kings Canyon.    

                Furthermore, the beauty of the JMT is the opportunity to camp anywhere along the trail (once you have exited Yosemite National Park), therefore providing you with an unrestricted walk, free of a predetermined itinerary.  Here is the way I wound up traveling on the JMT:

Day 1:  Yosemite National Park to Little Yosemite Valley campsite, with side-trip up Half Dome

Day 2:  Little Yosemite to Long Meadow Camp

Day 3:  Long Meadow to Tuolumne Meadow

Day 4:  Tuolumne to Rush Creek (4 miles past Donohue Pass) 

Day 5:  Rush Creek to Red's Meadow

Day 6:  Red's Meadow to Boat launch for VVR

Day 7:  VVR  (I mailed my food here for the rest of the trip)

Day 8:  VVR to 3 miles past Seldon Pass

Day 9:  Seldon Pass to Muir Hut

Day 10:  Muir Hut to 5 miles past Mather Pass

Day 11:  Mather Pass to Rae Lakes

Day 12:  Rae Lakes to Wallace Creek

Day 13:  Wallace Creek to Whitney Portal

                I would like to thank all of the individual sponsors that helped make my WFC99 a success.  I would also like to acknowledge Powerbar, Eastern Mountain Sports, Cascade Designs, and Ray-Ban for their sponsorship of my journey.  Lastly, I want to commend Camp Sunrise for providing pediatric cancer patients with such a great experience. 


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Day 9

Muir Pass

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Day 10

Mather Pass

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Day 11

Pinchot Pass and Rae Lakes

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Day 12

Glen and Forrester Pass

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Day 13

Mt Whitney

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